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When it comes to the creation of uniquely designed clothing with a touched of modern materials a.k.a techno couture design, Junya Watanabe is always in my fabulous mind. His creations truly reflect the principles of his mentor, the designer and owner of Comme des Garcons, Rei Kawakubo YSL Replica Handbags.

If you really don’t know Junya Watanabe profile, it’s now the time to cognize the master of opulence, the person behind those powerful creations where a lot of A-list celebrities and fashion forward people truly admired.

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Watanabe was born in Fukushima, Japan in 1961. He graduated his college at Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo in 1984. During this year, he began his apprenticeship as a patternmaker at Comme des Garcons, where he acquired a lot of ideas from his legendary master Kawakubo. After 3 years of being a patternmaker, his fashion desire didn’t stop there. He was promoted as chief designer of Tricot knitwear line and the house of Comme Des Garcons Homme entrusted him to design for their new creations.

With all his hardwork, he created his own name under Comme des Garcons collections in the year 1992 and he launched his first line of clothing in 1993 under the name of “Junya Watanabe Comme Des Garcons.” More blessings showered to Watanabe during 2000. He launched his men’s line and it was praised vociferously by the many. He was also collaborated top companies like Nike, Levis and Fred Perry in addition to his parent company, Comme des Garcons.

If you do not have enough idea what Junya Watanabe creations look like, I will give you the design aspect of his creations.  Obviously, his designs truly reflect the idea of his mentor with a little touch of his personal approach to the garments that were being used.  Every season new designs are coming out in the market just like his Spring 2011 collections.  His line served as the evidence of how he employed technology for his crafts.  Aside from this, he also utilized traditional materials like cotton on his Spring 2003 collection.

Watanabe is also known for his utilization of exquisitely shape and tailoring in the style of his clothing collection. He also re-engineered classic designs with a single element to create something new and different. Overall, Watanabe’s men’s clothing collection has been repeatedly mentioned as a stand out among other collections for men.

Junya Watanabe line clothing is readily available in different locations where we can find Comme des Garcons and some other major overseas distributors.